Cesar Enciso

cesar portrait

"15 yrs of work done by Cesar. I wouldn't think of going someplace else. Professional,clean,fun, and just a great atmosphere to be around. One must really stop in to the shop and check each artist portfolio to really get a true look at just how good these folks are." ~ Tommy Hayward

In 1998 Cesar began his tattoo apprenticeship at Steve’s Tattoo. After a few months he moved to American Tattoo in Waukesha, WI, where he worked for two years under Scott Verville. He moved back to Madison again in 2000, but shortly after that he relocated to Auburn, NY. In 2002, he and Carol opened Medusa Tattoo, and his work took flight.

Most of the shops that Cesar had worked in up to that point were primarily flash shops, but one of his true strengths as an artist is his ability to create intricate designs full of details which combine to tell a story.

He meticulously researches every character or object he is asked to draw, so that the resulting designs express not only the physical qualities, but also the personality or inner nature of whatever the tattoo is.

Working in a custom shop has given him the opportunity to do this, and he has over the years developed a very unique and individual style that is completely his own.

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